Sunday, March 21, 2010

What if. . .

This is my "What if" list.
What if I could fly, then where are my wings.
What if I were be a princess, I'd command for peace.
What if I were a dog, I would pee on everything.
What if I could just dissaper in thin air, then I would pants everyone I disliked.
What if I were born a boy, then I'd pee on everything and that's about it,(:
What if I were a super hero, I would probably be some kind of hero with mind powers because I like to know everything.
What if I could go to the moon, I probably would play tag and fall off.
What if I could name a star, I would name it Holy Cow.
What if I could dance, I'd be the next Michael Jackson.
What if I could sing, I'd be the next Whitney.
What if I were able to go through walls, I'd go to the senior boys locker room,(:
What if I were a witch, then I'd cast a spell on Mr.Mills to be nice *my evil gorilla french teacher*
What if I were born blind, then I would never be able to see what God created.
What if I had twenty fingers, well then I'd scared little kids,(:
What if I could meet Christopher Drew Ingles, I'd rape that sexy boy,(:
What if I died for twenty-six minutes, then I say hello to my Aunt Vicky in Heaven.
What if I fell of the face of the Earth, then I'd laugh till I peed.
What if I were a water fall, then I'd be the most beautiful one on the plante.
What if I were an angel, then I'd be his angel.
What if I I'd never been born. . .
Just kidding about the last one. But tell me your "what if" list.


  1. Cool! I did a quiz kind of like that on my blog a couple days ago, but they were different "ifs". I really like holy cow one. That would actually be a really good name for a star.

  2. Actually, I love the last one. I like that you know that you contribute to the world!
    You are fantastic!!


  3. Brooke, each one of these made me laugh. :)
    My favorites...
    The dog peeing on everything.
    Pants everyone you disliked. (AHEM Ashleigh)!
    Going to the moon & falling off.
    Naming a star Holy Cow.
    Going into the senior boys locker room. (AHEM Ben Raichel. SEXY. ♥)
    And yes I'd definately put a spell on Mr. Mills. Haha that was really funny.
    My Spring Break is going well. I got ketchup on my shirt today and that's pretty much the only sucky thing so far...

  4. Abby-You're a goober.! Yes Ben is UBER SEXYY!!(: Glad your Spring Break is going well,(:
    Twyo-Thanks,(: I didn't want to sound self absoured,(:
    Francesca-Hehe thanks,(:

  5. Lovely blog and writing, you ar very talented!
    please check my blog out xoxoxo SARAH


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