Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heartbroken. . .

Have you ever been in love.?
At first it's amazing and beautiful.
Then some fighting.
Then the sorries.
Then more fighting.
More sorries.
See it's a cycle of shit.
I got my heart broken today.
Yace the man was my life.
My everything.
Basically my world.
And he goes off and cheats on me with some cracked out whore.
I just broke down in the middle of the hallway.
Man I hate to cry.
I wish that he would realize that he's a fucker who can suck my cock.
*I don't really have a penis.*
Guys I'm sorry for my launage.
I guess this is what being a girl is all about.


  1. I'm sorry things didn't go well.
    He doesn't deserve you anyway.

  2. Yes, what Tywo said.
    You're better than him.

  3. Awe I'm sorry, that is the worst feeling in the world! Don't apologize for the language, sometimes those things just need to be said to move on!

    Hang in there, I agree with Tywo & Abby, you are so much better than him and deserve better. No one wants to be with a man who would choose a crakced out whore *BIG SMILES*

  4. I'm sorry :( tywo, Abby, and Jen are all right! He doesn't deserve you! And don't worry about the language, it comes out of my mouth all the time when I'm mad ;)
    Feel better.
    P.S. give the cracked out whore a piece of your mind!

  5. You guys are the best.
    Your comments make my day brighter.
    You're all amazing,(:

  6. Ugh, he doesn't deserve you.


Your comments make my day smiley and sunny.
Thankies guys,(: