Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today is "picture day" for Choir.
I hate taking my picture.
Just the hassle annyoys me.
And honestly I've never taken a "good" picture.
So tell me about your worst school picture.


  1. Brookie-My worst one is my 1st grade picture. I have a man-looking blue shirt on, have teeth missing, and my bangs are pinned back because I'm trying to grow them out. I'm hiiidddeeeooouusss in that pic! I'll bring it in tomorrow.

  2. Mine, sadly, would have to be this year's. I had braided my hair, but since I have layers, the top layer fell out during school. I had pinned it back, and my friend even told me it wouldn't show in the picture, but long story short, IT DID. Ha ha, it looks worse than it sounds cause I have really curly hair!

  3. I've had several so the real question is where to begin!!!!

    Middle school was the worst whne my little sister cut my hair and my mother had to take me to the salon to cut it all off, I had a very short boy cut.... it was awful!

  4. Jen-I know how you feel. My sister cut my hair once, lets say she never did it again.(:
    Francesca-Awh that's sad,): Sorry to hear that your friend didn't tell you. That really sucks.
    Abby-Well to bad we didn't know eachother in the first grade cause I didn't go to Austin then. But I would have said you looked nice,(: Thank God you have all your teeth now. I would have laughed if she didn't.


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