Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh my Gosh, Nemo is swimming out to sea!

Do you want to be a fish.?
Well if yes, swim with me.
If no, get the hell outta my water,(:
I'm kiddin.
But is there something that you want to do,
but isn't "humanly possible.?
If yes tell me what it is and why.
For example. . .
I want to fly and swim like a fish.
Well flying is just so amazing.
I'd love to be a bird.
And sore the world not caring.
Why swim like a fish.?
Well number one I love water.
I fell free when I'm in the water.
And you could just swim away with your little fisy butt,(:
Oh and I'd love to be a color.
Somethink like Sartruse or magenta.*light shades or purple and pink*
Or a Terquose.*greenish blue*
CAuse there so darn pretty.
But tell me what you would be that's not humanly possible,(:
And Abby-Spring Break is going swimmingly,(:
I see yours is too,9:


  1. I was smiling as I read this. I want to be a bird too!
    I love how you described the beautiful colors!.

  2. I want to be able to turn invisible or maybe walk on water. . .

    PS: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim. Now this is stuck in my head. =]

  3. Brookie, remember in Mr. Barger's 2nd period class when you said I'd be Marvin cause I'm a worry wart & a spazzie and I said you'd be the blowfish just cause? Haha, that's funny.
    I'd probably turn into a mermaid and go swim with Ariel or a pink fairy and go fly with Tink. :)
    P.S. I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday and I kept the 3D glasses even though I wasn't supposed to. I'll bring them to school and wear them! :)

  4. Tywo- How dosen't want to be a bird.? Lol. Thankies,(:
    Hannah- That would be so cool.! I know I've been singing it for the past two days,(:
    Abby- Yes I remember,(: Good times. I never thought about being a mermaid.! How cool. And a fairy would be cool too.! And you better bring them.!!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I would love to be a fish, with a fish butt :)

  6. Fish one of my fave animals! ^^ This post is so cool!

  7. Hey lovely, I gave you an award on my blog.
    Stay beautiful.


  8. I love your creative blog. It's a fun read and it makes you think.

    As for me and my not-humanly-possible wish.... I would say I would like to fly. Or maybe run super fast like a cheetah. That sound empowering.

    p.s. Be sure to enter my Peruvian Feather Earring Giveaway at!



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