Monday, March 1, 2010

Overload. . .

Ugh, today is the first of March.
Yay, what joy.
I'm stressing out, so that will lead probably a break out.
Yeah I get to be more hideous.
I don't fell good.
I'm over drama.
Over love.
I'm just about to have a mealt down.
Oh my gosh.
I can't handel it.
I spazzed out in class.
And Kolyn (he sits to my right in computer class) told me to stop PMSing.
Today is not going the way I planned.
Yay for the beginging of March, my favorite month.
How's your day.?
Is it going as worse as mine?
Or better.?
Love you guys,


  1. Mine's better since I saw you. :)
    Yay, we get to get drunk on the 17th. (Kidding everyone!)

  2. Abby-gale,
    Haha so effin funny,(:
    p.s we're stright and Abby needs a man,(:
    I've got my own,(:
    Love you Abby,

  3. My day isn't going too well. I got in an argument with my bestfriend. It wasn't my fault, but I still feel bad.
    I told him I like some guy, and he completely shut me down "I don't like the way you like guys"..That doesn't even make sense right?

    I'm sorry I laid my problem on your post.

  4. tywo- Maybe your friend likes you?

    Anyway, my day was . . . embarrassing, I guess. My science teacher asked us for the definition of "parents" and what they have to do with you and some new guy was trying to be funny and said "well, it starts when they get in bed" and Mr. Collin's (Science teacher) said "being technical it doesn't have to be in that location." Then he started to list the places that it could be. I will never be able to look at him the same way again. Lol, sorry if I'm grossing you all out. -Hannah

  5. Brooklynn - Hey, I saw the link to your blog on Abby's blog, so I followed! Check mine out!

    Hannah - wow, your science teacher is a little . . . perverted. ha, ha :)

  6. Francesca-I will,(:
    Hannah-Wow that's a little werid but my science teacher is the same way.
    Tywo-Awe hun I'm sorry that happened. Maybe Hannah is right, maybe he does like you. And it's fine,(:


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