Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm not dead,(:

Hello love.
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new.
I've been really busy.!
But anyways, I sahll read your blogs and comment them,(:
I love you guyses,(:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh my Gosh, Nemo is swimming out to sea!

Do you want to be a fish.?
Well if yes, swim with me.
If no, get the hell outta my water,(:
I'm kiddin.
But is there something that you want to do,
but isn't "humanly possible.?
If yes tell me what it is and why.
For example. . .
I want to fly and swim like a fish.
Well flying is just so amazing.
I'd love to be a bird.
And sore the world not caring.
Why swim like a fish.?
Well number one I love water.
I fell free when I'm in the water.
And you could just swim away with your little fisy butt,(:
Oh and I'd love to be a color.
Somethink like Sartruse or magenta.*light shades or purple and pink*
Or a Terquose.*greenish blue*
CAuse there so darn pretty.
But tell me what you would be that's not humanly possible,(:
And Abby-Spring Break is going swimmingly,(:
I see yours is too,9:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What if. . .

This is my "What if" list.
What if I could fly, then where are my wings.
What if I were be a princess, I'd command for peace.
What if I were a dog, I would pee on everything.
What if I could just dissaper in thin air, then I would pants everyone I disliked.
What if I were born a boy, then I'd pee on everything and that's about it,(:
What if I were a super hero, I would probably be some kind of hero with mind powers because I like to know everything.
What if I could go to the moon, I probably would play tag and fall off.
What if I could name a star, I would name it Holy Cow.
What if I could dance, I'd be the next Michael Jackson.
What if I could sing, I'd be the next Whitney.
What if I were able to go through walls, I'd go to the senior boys locker room,(:
What if I were a witch, then I'd cast a spell on Mr.Mills to be nice *my evil gorilla french teacher*
What if I were born blind, then I would never be able to see what God created.
What if I had twenty fingers, well then I'd scared little kids,(:
What if I could meet Christopher Drew Ingles, I'd rape that sexy boy,(:
What if I died for twenty-six minutes, then I say hello to my Aunt Vicky in Heaven.
What if I fell of the face of the Earth, then I'd laugh till I peed.
What if I were a water fall, then I'd be the most beautiful one on the plante.
What if I were an angel, then I'd be his angel.
What if I I'd never been born. . .
Just kidding about the last one. But tell me your "what if" list.

Today, is a breath of fresh airr.

I've decided that I'm not letting a "guy" get in my way.
I could care less.
He's not letting me down,(:
I'm more stronger then that.
Abby my Spring Break is going lovely.
Hope it's going the same for you,(:

Sleepless night.

I dreames a beautiful dream last nigh.
I dreamt that we were happy and together.
You were mine and I was yours.
All I could do was smile.
As I tried to hold on to this dream I was slipping away.
I heald on as tightly as I could.
But I knew I couldn't hold on forever.
As I came back to my body I lay still.
I'm in complet darkness..
But, yet I can see everything in my room.
Pictures of what used to be.
Happiness and smiles.
As I think in the darkness all I can do is think.
I want things the way they used to be.
Like in my lovely dream.
The past seems to haunt me in only me vivid dreams.
I want to see you again.
Fell your toouch again.
As I think of tis I feel a tear.
Too many shead over you.
Too many over this.
My dream was nothing but a fantasey.
Longing for it to come true.
Thing will never be the same.

Friday, March 19, 2010

He was my world. . .

This guy was my world.
He broke my heaert in two,
I wish he would tell me what I did.
Instead of ignoring me.
I need to be happy.
But he was my very first love.
And he will probably be my only love.
He was my world.
And i miss him so much.
I don't know what to do with myself anymre.
I'm confused and my heart is full of ache.
I can't stand not being by his side.
I miss him.
All I wanted was to fall inlove.
But all I got was a broken heart and a weeping soul.
All i want to do is heal.
I miss you so much Ryan.. . .


These two pictures made me think.
What is I meet the right person
And then get all confused.?
I don't know what to think about love anymore.
It just all confusses me.
Like all the time.
I try not to think about it, but then I guees the love bug comes and bites me when I least expect it.
Oh well one day the answer will be answered.
Spring Break starts today.
Yay right.?
Well yeah, I guess.
I've got spring fever,(:
If you know what I mean.
Ask questions on my formspring.
Love you guys,(:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patricks's Dayy.!

Happy St.Patties Dayy!

Today all the little leprechauns

get drunk and have fun.

I absoutly love this holiday because

it's the best.
Pin head larry sorry to hear about your "Copy Cat."
Your blog is still the BEST!
*Dirty Dan*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dirty Dan,♥

Hello Dirty Dan here,(:
And Pin head Larry is right beside me,(:
Yes, it is Brooklynn and Abby.
I have now decided that to make a formspring because Abby told me too.
Check it out,(:
Love you guys,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lets fornacate,(:

Do you have pure eyes.?
Are you filled with "pureness.?"
Well if so DO NOT READ!(:
I'm just Joshing with you,(:
Today has been the best ever so far.
I just am in the best mood ever.
And do you know what.?
I feel like dancing.
Oh wait, wait.
Have you ever been called "High maintenance.?"
Well if so join the clubb,(:
My daddy calles me that all the time cause I love coffie and like to get my hair done and make up and blah blah,(:
Personaly i think it's funny.
But back to my good day.
Even though the sun isn't out I'm still happy as ever,(:
B.t.w.Abby is like the coolist best friend in the world,(:
Plus she's my little spaz,(:
Well enough of my rambling.
Tell me about your day,(:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Funky Fridayy,(:

This brightned up my day,(:
This is sooo funny.!

I thought this was really pretty,(:

I wish I could fly like these ballons.

This looks really yummy,(:

Flowers are so pretty.

I just thought this was intersesting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain, rain go away.

Ugh I'm over the rain.
We need sun.
Rain makes me all depressed and makes me feel achey.
I love it but I need sun.
What's your favorite weather.?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today is "picture day" for Choir.
I hate taking my picture.
Just the hassle annyoys me.
And honestly I've never taken a "good" picture.
So tell me about your worst school picture.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be honest and tell me what you think.

When you came into my world you saved it from crashing.
The way you treat me is like a childs touch.
Your words are like music to my soul.
Your love is like the blood in my veins.
You're mine forever to have and to hold.
Yes, I must admit this love was unexpected.
But I'm glad I found you.
Tell mw what you guys think. Yes I'm a poet, but not a good one. I'll put more of my amiture things on here.

Monday, March 8, 2010

How was your weekend.?

Today is a.m.a.z.i.n.g(:
My weekend was even more amazing.
I don't think anything could go more amazing.
So tell me how was your weekend.
Oh and p.s
Love you guys.(:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Friday,(:

Hell yes.! It's FRIDAY, man I need a break,(:
Don't you.?
Don't you just want to jump in.?

Ha this is the funnist thing I've seen.

Isn't this beautiful.?


I thought this was laugh my ass off funny.

I'm going to start having RANDOM Fridays. Enjoy,(:



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steven Tyler is amazing♥♥

Steven Tyler is utterly amazing.
I have the BIGGEST crush on him.
His voice is amazing,♥
So are his lips,♥
Even though he quit the band Aerosmith*second best band ever*
he will remain the love of my life,♥

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little sunshine is coming.

I think I'm going it make it after all.
He's not worth my tears.
Or is he. . .?
My heart is still broken.
And the song Stupid boy by Keith Urban is my healing song, even though it make me cry.
I love you guys,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heartbroken. . .

Have you ever been in love.?
At first it's amazing and beautiful.
Then some fighting.
Then the sorries.
Then more fighting.
More sorries.
See it's a cycle of shit.
I got my heart broken today.
Yace the man was my life.
My everything.
Basically my world.
And he goes off and cheats on me with some cracked out whore.
I just broke down in the middle of the hallway.
Man I hate to cry.
I wish that he would realize that he's a fucker who can suck my cock.
*I don't really have a penis.*
Guys I'm sorry for my launage.
I guess this is what being a girl is all about.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Overload. . .

Ugh, today is the first of March.
Yay, what joy.
I'm stressing out, so that will lead probably a break out.
Yeah I get to be more hideous.
I don't fell good.
I'm over drama.
Over love.
I'm just about to have a mealt down.
Oh my gosh.
I can't handel it.
I spazzed out in class.
And Kolyn (he sits to my right in computer class) told me to stop PMSing.
Today is not going the way I planned.
Yay for the beginging of March, my favorite month.
How's your day.?
Is it going as worse as mine?
Or better.?
Love you guys,