Monday, March 15, 2010

Lets fornacate,(:

Do you have pure eyes.?
Are you filled with "pureness.?"
Well if so DO NOT READ!(:
I'm just Joshing with you,(:
Today has been the best ever so far.
I just am in the best mood ever.
And do you know what.?
I feel like dancing.
Oh wait, wait.
Have you ever been called "High maintenance.?"
Well if so join the clubb,(:
My daddy calles me that all the time cause I love coffie and like to get my hair done and make up and blah blah,(:
Personaly i think it's funny.
But back to my good day.
Even though the sun isn't out I'm still happy as ever,(:
B.t.w.Abby is like the coolist best friend in the world,(:
Plus she's my little spaz,(:
Well enough of my rambling.
Tell me about your day,(:


  1. No Brookie, your the bestest!
    It's true all, I'm a bit of a spazzie.
    But so is Brooke.
    I think I just rubbed off on her a bit. ;)
    Today is a good one isn't it Brookie?
    If only Ashleigh would go fall in a ditch and stay there in her stinkiness...

  2. Ha Abby,(:
    With her Giraffe buddy,(:
    Goodness Abby you're the best,(:

  3. I have to tell you that you and Abby are the most adorable duo!
    I totally love you guys!..Abby told me about how you speak of my blog in class. Freaking awesome!

    I'm super glad that you are having a good day!
    Keep it up, don't let anyone bring you down.


  4. Love the title, and I must say if someone had pure eyes they shouldn't have been even looking in this direction due to the post name! SILLY PEOPLE!!! What a fun post and I'm glad your in a lovely mood!!!

  5. Jen-I know. It was so funny because I was saying fornacate all day and din't even realize what it meant until my friend Skylar told me,(:
    Tywo-Thanks,(: And, I do talk about your blog ALL the time! I love it,(: And nobody is bring my day down no more,(:
    -Thanks guys, I love you comments and blogs,(:

  6. I love your blog and Abby's,you guys always post the best,cheerful stuffs! It makes me smile all the time.


  7. Nabilah-Awe thanks,(:
    I love your bloggie too,(:

  8. Whenever I have happy days I I feel like dancing too, in the rain particularly if that's a choice. I'm so happy you had a good day, mine was good too.


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Thankies guys,(: