Friday, March 19, 2010


These two pictures made me think.
What is I meet the right person
And then get all confused.?
I don't know what to think about love anymore.
It just all confusses me.
Like all the time.
I try not to think about it, but then I guees the love bug comes and bites me when I least expect it.
Oh well one day the answer will be answered.
Spring Break starts today.
Yay right.?
Well yeah, I guess.
I've got spring fever,(:
If you know what I mean.
Ask questions on my formspring.
Love you guys,(:


  1. I ♥ that first picture Brooke.
    Yay I'm so glad it's Spring Break. :)
    But I'm going to miss you. :(
    Leave me a comment over Spring Break & tell me what you're doing.

  2. I most deffinatly will Pin head Larry,(:
    I shall miss you too!!

  3. You all are lucky. Our spring break is next week and it's only a couple of days because of the snow days we had. Have fun, though! 8)

  4. You changed your background! I love it!

    And Brooklynn, you are right. It's not as if I'm scared of love or anything, but what if I get confused when I meet the right one. I love all the words you used in this post. Very lovely, and true.

    Oh, my brother got me that bike about 2 years ago. I'm glad we have the same bike :)
    Thanks for all your lovely comments.
    You make me smile. I wish I could meet you and Abby. :)

    And, you are lucky. My spring break ends today! :(..I don't want it to end!
    Have fun, and make the best of it.


  5. Those make me think too, I don't think anybody will ever fully understand love, but we'll all expirience it.

    You're so lucky that you have spring break! I have another 2 weeks until I get mine. :P And I love your blog background.

  6. Hannah- I know how you feel! We have to make up like I don't kow how many days at the end of the year.
    Tywo- Well thankies,(: Abby says I change it too much,(:
    And well I'm scared of love. Cause I never know if I'll fall to fast and whatnot. And thank you for the lovely comments,(: Abby and I would die to meet you.!! It's very cool we have the same bike,(: Hope your Spring Break was fun.
    Francesca- Nobody will ever understand love, it's so complacted.!! Ugh. And thanks,(:


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