Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What was never was said.

How long has it been since this story has ended.?

The sweet romance has gone.

Somewhere dark and cold.

My heart is still tangled with yours.

Not letting you go.

Or those dear memories.

When you told be you'll be there.

I knew fate had brought me to you.

But that day is like a record.

Replaying over and over but, nothing new to listen to.


  1. Brooklynn, this is so beautiful.
    I'm sorry this happened though.
    Sooner or later, your heart will let go, and you'll be able to love someone that deserves you.

    What book reminds you of me?..:)


  2. Wow, Brooklynn, these words are lovely and sad. I'm sorry you feel like this. No matter how many times everybody says it, and how annoying it is when they do, you just have to believe that things will get better, and they will.

  3. Aw Brooke, that was pretty.
    But I agree with Tywo, you'll eventually let go, and someone who actually DESERVES you can be with you.


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