Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mama I gotta go pee pee,(:

I have twp brothers and man, they do not know how to lift up the seat.
It's so ewe.!

Everyday I yell at them.

On this one specif day *yasterday*

I got up in a crapy mood because my dream was lovely and I didn't want to wake up.
So first thing I do is pee.

All of a sudden I sit in PEE!!!
I yelled "Stephen, Jordan NOW!!!!"
Woah buddy I was balidgrent.

So I say to them, "Either put up the lid or I cut it off.!"

I was funny bceause I never get mad.

But I was.
It was kinda dumb to yell at them over pee.

But I sat right in it.
So Narsty.

Atleast now I don't sit in a puddle of pee now.
Ah, the life of being an older sister.

I love it.

Tell me about your sibblings if you have them,(:


  1. Hahahhaha...That's disgusting. I love how you write!. I smiled all through this post.
    Sweetie, I have SIX brothers. Can you imagine how many times I sat on pee?..ewww. Now, I live with my sister, no boys!

    Awww, I hope you find your summer love. Remember to let love happen. Fall into it, don't push it away or try too hard to keep it.


  2. Hey i tagged you on my blog!


  3. Ahhhahah Brooke that's funny!
    I bet Stephen did it! ;)
    Aw I'm sorry you woke up from your lovely dream.
    I finally got done in computers!!!
    Hopefully Mamma Lee will give me a good grade. :)
    Yay hope we have a free day tomorrow so we can blog!

  4. Hey sorry about the not commenting for a while thing. My laptop sucks and is all virused up (writing this from my cell phone). Anyway, i have three sisters and they leave their stuff everywhere. . . i just stepped on a little Edward doll and it scared me half to death. The thing actually sparkles,lol.

  5. LOL! I'm an only child so I don't have to worry about things like that,but I wish I had a little sister,then,I'd have someone to keep me company :)


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