Monday, April 12, 2010


Ugh, computer class is so dumb.
Abby and I are SPAZZNG out because we have a sub and Mama Lee *Mrs.Lee* isn't here to help.

We have to do this DUMB flash project and of course Abby is spazzing.
But yet her spazing has rubbed off on yours truely.

Ugh, where is Mama Lee when you need her.?

But anyway my weekend was good.
But Ry and I are yet in another fight.

Oh flippin well.

So tell me how was your weekend,(:

Lata tater(:


  1. I love this post, and your new layout is cute!
    You, and Abby are wonderful girlies!
    I spazzed out in Physics today. Unbelievable, since it's the only class I'm ever awake in. lol


  2. Haha Brooke, but yes, we got through it didn't we?
    Now I just gotta add a little something! (And NO not a person to run over!) Maybe a bird?

  3. Abby- I still think the person getting hit is still a good idea,(: Yes, we made it. I for one got done befor you.! Bawha.
    Tywo- I've never fell asleep in class.! I should put that on my bucket list,(: Lol.

  4. One of my best friends Elizabeth and me spaz out during math and science all the's the funnest thing ever, even when everybody is staring at you. :)


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