Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today was a fairy tale.

"Today was a fairy tale you were the Prince I use to be the Damsel in destress"
My most favorite new song.

But even though today wasn't a fairy tale.
Yeasterday was.

Ryan, the use to be ass said I was his world.
Even though he had severly hurt me.

I still love that guy with a passion.

All I can do today is smile.
Even though we had *Worht the wait* today. *Which is a sex program, what JOY*

But yeasterday keeps playing in my little/big head,(:
I'm going to go,(:

I love you guys,(:


  1. Taylor Swift in the first line? Hmmm...
    hey, i like the way you relate to lyrics...i do too, sometimes..
    I cried (yep) to Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues after me and my girl broke up:(
    Anyways, i like your honesty, not easy to come by:)

  2. Aw Brookie, well I hope you guys can work it out.
    Get that homework done for Schroer!

  3. Haha, I know how you feel with the "Worth the Wait" thing. I had that last year in health and at the beginning of each class the teacher would make us sing a song about it to the beat of "We will Rock you". Fun times. ;) Glad you still love him, hope it work out. -Hannah

  4. Awww, this is so sweet. Live in the moment sweetie. I hope things work out!
    Oh, I do love Taylor Swift! haha


  5. Hope it works out for you both! :)

    I love it when guys completely take you by surprise and show emotion,it always surprises me and makes me like them a little more,if thats possible! :)

  6. Hopethings work out for the best with you guys :)


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Thankies guys,(: