Thursday, April 22, 2010

I a little sleepy my deary.

Ryan Dale kept me up last night.
I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night.

But he said this to me,
*Tell me what's on your mind, because there may not be a tomorrow honey.*

*Ryan, my dear must you ask what's on my mind.?*

*Why yes, I must*
He was whispering so it was kinda sensual.

*Well I'm thinking about what God decides to end the world tomorrow and I never get to say goo bye to you*

*Then hun, I'll find you in Heaven and we'll be together for an eternity.*

My heart mealted.
I was in udder scock because Ry had never said anything like this before.

That melt my heart.

I just hate to fall in love with him again because I'm scared of getting hurt.

And the poem I posted yeasterday was one I put in a contest and it got in a book in sixth grade,(:

But back to last night,
I finally went to sleep and I thought of him in my dreams.

I think he came to me because in my dream his lips softly brused mine and I swear to it I got littlery feel his lips on mine.

Ugh, so amazing.

Well dearies I'm off like a rocket to the moon,(:

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  1. That's so sweet. I wish a guy would say something like that to me.
    If this guy has broken your heart multiple times, I wouldn't go back to him. As much as we want to believe them, some words are lies. If you think you really love him, though, go for it.


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