Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now for my most embarrassing moment.

Now for my most embarrasing moment *Nabilah taged me for an award(:*

Well actually this just recelently happened.
I was walking to lunch with my friends and I wasn't paying any attention to what I was saying *like I never do*
But, anyway I gave my friends ex boy friend a nick name which is *Pubes.*
Well his hair looks like pubes.
I know, weird.
But I couldn't think of anything else.
Off topic.
But I said
*Hey, Skylar what are you going to do about pubes.?*
And well the a teacher *Mr. Sean Barger* heard what I said and he said,
*I know she did not just say pubs*
-Which in a bar-
I didn't know that he heard me.
But he DID.!!!
And so did my math teacher *Big daddy O*
*Just his nick name b.t.w.*
Heard me too.!!!
I was like
*Woah man*
We laughed all the down the hall way.
Then Skylar said,
*It's just a nick name not a bodyly hair formation*
It was so funny but yet embarrasing.(:
So there you go,(;


  1. Hahah Brookie, funny! :)

  2. Haha! But as far as embarrassing moments go, yours wasn't too bad. You should be thankful, I have really embarassing moments on a daily basis. Oh, dear :)


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