Sunday, May 16, 2010

I regret waking up; my dreams are the only way I'll see you.

I, had a crazy dream.
Well for starters it was of R*.

We were running from something and I can still feel his fingers through mine.
Then he stopped me and his soft lips kissed my cold cheek.

The he was gone. . .

I may be tired still, but I just couldn't stay asleep.
Maybe, you were getting up, and I did too.

The sweet dream of you kissing my cheek is nothing but a vague memory.
I can still feel the chills that you were protecting me from.

Now I feel more bad.

Why must i speak of this?
Cause Brooklynn, you loved him, and you're a nut case.

Yeah, that must be the reason.
Dreams, dreams, dreams.

Tell me yours.


  1. I usually can't remember my dreams when I wake up, and if I do they fade from my memory as the day goes on. =] -Hannah

  2. Well my dream was I was in the Revolutionary War trying to not get shot.
    Know why?
    Cause I had just watched the movie "Kick-Ass" (awesome movie by the way) and lots of people got shot in it.

  3. your dreams are lovely.

    last night i had a dream this girl who was sick came back to school, and today she did! CRAZY HEY!?


  4. I had this dream where i sat down and told someone who much i loved them...and everything was....good. Then i woke up and i was like...fudge expect the acutall word the the choclatey goodness.

    But you know i heard somewhere that when someone appears in your dream it means they want to see you.


  5. Awww...This is beautiful.
    I had a dream that had to do with Religion. I'm thinking it's because of the religious arguments the boys in my class always have.

    P.S..I love your new layout.



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