Monday, May 3, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever tried to speak but nothing came out?
Have you ever looked up at the sky and all you saw was clouds?

Have you ever wondered how birds fly?
Have you ever just wanted to jump off a building and soar?

Have you ever just sat in a quite place and thought to yourself about anything and everything in the world?
Have you ever thought about what your life is all about?

I know I've thought about it.
Sometimes when I get to thinking I can't stop; it's like when I get to thinking my mind is like a movie that's on replay.

It's really hard to go through a day when all you can do is T-H-I-N-K!
It's tough.

And have you ever been baned from a boy that you love ever so much?
Well I've been baned from Ryan.

I don't know how I'll make it without him.
I know people say
*Oh you're to young and he's to old; you don't know what love is.*

Uhm H-E-L-L-O age dosen't matter.
So . . . I'm basically baned from him.

He keeps driving infront of the house but I cannot see him.
I'm to scared my father will jump out of the glass door and destroy him.

I know I'll see him.
I can't go without seeing him.

Sorry for the depressing post; had a depressing weekend.
♥ you all dearys.


  1. Aw your father has banned you from Ryan?
    I'm sorry you've had a depressing weekend.
    Oh God James is playing in the arms of an angel.
    I'm about to go punch him!

  2. I know.):
    I'm starting to tear up.

  3. Awww...This is romantic, but romantic in a bittersweet way.
    I hope you see him soon.

    Oh, I didn't see Brenton all weekend too. My dad came here for the weekend, and wouldn't accept the fact that I'm turning 19 soon, and allowed to be in love!
    In fact, age doesn't matter!
    Anyhoo...He kept on saying how all I have to focus on is school.
    I just wanted to say "oh dad common, you have been through this stage, and you know what it feels like. So let me feel it too".
    No courage though..I was too scared for Brenton..haha.

    Well, Dad is leaving tonight, and I'm having a sleepover with Brenton and his 6 sisters!!!! I'm so excited!

    P.S. Sorry I put my whole life on here.



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