Saturday, November 6, 2010

My loves.*

I'd like to say that I love all my followers dearly.
*& you all make me so happy.(:
But I'd like to thank my two most loyal followers.
Tywo*& Abbith.
Abby I've been friends with since last year. We started blogging on a dare. I told her I'd blog if she did*& look at us now. Abby's blog which can be found at a little bit of randomness is absoutly cute*& exactly like Abby.
You'll fall in love with her random topics.
Tywo she is my blog best friend. I fell in love with her blog when I first read her posts. She is so poetic*& takes beautiful pictures. Photography should be her profession. She has a lovely heart as well. You'll fall in love with her blog as I did. thepurplefairy.
I love them both dearly*& could not ask for better friends.(:
So check out there blogs.(:
-Love all my followers!-


  1. This made me teary. I love you a lot. Thank you very much.
    What's not to love about you Brooke?
    You have made me day.



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